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a three-week low-carb diet meal plan

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Friends! If you’re new to low-carb or keto or you just don’t know how to start, GOOD NEWS: I created a low-carb diet meal plan with you in mind. Simply Low-Carb is a three-week low-carb diet meal plan that introduces you to the world of low-carb eating! Better yet, it provides all the tools you need to ease into this new lifestyle.

If you’ve used my free, three-day plan, Ease into Low-carb and you want something further to help you continue low-carb eating, Simply Low-Carb is it! Truth is, it’s much more than a meal plan. Simply Low-Carb is a project that I collaborated on with Noor Struik, a low-carb high-fat specialist and dietician and founder of the virtual clinic The Nourishing State. We partnered to create a low-carb diet meal plan that focuses on whole foods and listening to your body, rather than counting calories, tracking carbs, and wondering if you’re doing it “right.”

an easy low-carb meal plan

So, what does Simply Low-Carb include? We mapped out three week’s worth of low-carb eating. We included a low-carb food list to serve as your very own cheat sheet. There are shopping lists to help you plan out each week. And our low-carb meal plan also includes more than 70 recipes, a crash course on the benefits of low-carb, and our best tips for staying on-track (we even discuss fasting, alcohol, and eating out)!

Here’s a quick look at the Table of Contents, a snippet of the valuable information inside, and a peek at a shopping list:

Sure, there are TONS of low-carb diet meal plans out there, but here’s what sets our low-carb meal plan apart:

  • It is a thoughtfully curated meal plan in every aspect– from nutritional advice to simple and elevated low-carb recipes to its stunning design.
  • We created this guide to help you ease into low-carb without worrying about the numbers. No need to track carbs, count calories, or weigh your food! Most meal plans out there take a completely opposite approach that can make a low-carb diet feel overly-complicated and difficult to manage.
  • Guided by a low-carb dietician, you can rest easy knowing that all of the nutritional components of low-carb eating were carefully considered. We did all the planning and nutrient calculations for you- the only thing left for you to do is to experience how good you feel!
  • This valuable resource saves you time and money. In fact, if you had a dietician craft a meal plan for you, it would cost 4-5 times as much!

Take a peek at our low-carb meal plan recipes!

Did I mention all of the yummy recipes? Because that just might be the best part.

Here are just a few of the recipes that are exclusive to Simply Low-Carb— that’s right, we developed them solely for our digital meal plan and you cannot find them here on my site.

is this low-carb meal plan right for you?

So, how do you know if Simply Low-Carb is a good fit to help you reach your goals?

  • Are you curious about how to start a low-carb diet?
  • Do you wonder what are low-carb foods? (I hear this question a lot which is why we included a low-carb food list!)
  • Would you like to experience low-carb benefits? (Hello, weight loss, improved sleep, energy, and mental clarity!)
  • Do you struggle losing weight even though you’ve “tried everything”?
  • Are you searching for a new approach to eating that focuses on clean, whole foods?

Do you fall into any of the categories? I’m thrilled to share that our low-carb meal plan will guide you through all of that and more!

If you have any questions about Simply Low-Carb and whether it’s right for you, reach out here or send me a message on Instagram!

If you’re ready to jump right in, you can order Simply Low-Carb below or check out on my Simply Low-Carb page.

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