keto hot chocolate in a mug stirred with spoon
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vegan + keto hot chocolate

It’s officially winter break, which means my little kindergartner has exactly 17 days at home before he goes back to school, aka I need to up my game on how to keep him and his little sis entertained. I’m sure it will involve Christmas movies and baking and trips to the park, with mugs of […]

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keto sugar cookies

What’s your go-to Christmas cookie? I never really crave a good sugar cookie until the holidays roll around. It’s sort of an obligatory cookie to bake at Christmastime, right? Especially when you have littles who like to “help” in the kitchen, like mine insist on doing. These keto sugar cookies are delicious little holiday cutout […]

closeup of keto cranberry curd bars
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keto cranberry curd bars

I’m a tad obsessed with these keto cranberry curd bars. Actually, let me preface this by saying, oh my goodness, the color of these keto bars are AMAAAAZING. I’ve always loved a delicious, rich and tangy cranberry curd tart for the holidays, and the classic recipe is really easy to make keto friendly. So, merry […]

keto brownies baked
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an easy keto brownies recipe

I’ve tried so many keto brownies recipes in the past couple of years, I’ve lost track. The consistency always seemed to be off- too dry, too crumbly, not dense enough, etc. But THESE… This keto brownies recipe requires one bowl and exactly 10 ingredients. Plus, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and can easily be made paleo. The […]

keto pecan pie with pecans and measuring cup
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keto pecan pie

What’s your go-to dessert for the holidays? I’m a big cookie person but also love pie of any kind. Ian is all about cheesecake (anyone interested in a keto cheesecake recipe?) but this keto pecan pie is yummy enough to almost sway his cheesecake-loving heart. And that’s saying something. It has a creamy, sugar-free caramel […]