cauliflower mash in a bowl with a silver spoon
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the creamiest cauliflower mash {keto + dairy-free}

Have you ever made cauliflower mash and ended up with small chunks of cauliflower instead of the smooth and creamy “mashed potatoes” texture you had hoped for? Well, I have. Countless times. And after trying several ways, I’ve finally mastered cauliflower mash, aka cauliflower mashed potatoes. It’s the creamiest, dairy-free, keto-friendly side dish and it […]

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keto stuffing with almond meal bread

Hands-down, stuffing takes the top spot in the Thanksgiving food ranking. Agreed? It’s best topped with gravy (obviously) but the soft, savory goodness that is stuffing is still pretty dreamy on its own. And really full of carbs. Like, a zillion carbs to be exact. In fact, the term “keto stuffing” sounds like an oxymoron. […]