Simply Low-Carb

Our 3-week meal plan helps you ease into a low-carb lifestyle without the stress of tracking carbs, counting calories, and worrying if you’re doing it right!

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the start of your low-carb journey, and it’s unlike any other meal plan out there!

here’s what sets our plan apart

  • Developed by myself and Noor Struik, a registered dietician and low-carb/keto specialist, our guide is a thoughtfully curated meal plan in every aspect– from nutritional advice to simple and elevated low-carb recipes to its stunning design.
  • We created this guide to help you ease into a low-carb without worrying about the numbers. No need to track carbs, count calories, or weigh your food!
  •  We’ve done all the planning and nutrient calculations for you. The only thing left for you to do is to experience how good you feel, as you transition to a low-carb lifestyle!

what’s included in our low-carb meal plan

  • A comprehensive 3-week meal plan that focusses on simple, clean eating and yummy variety 
  • Weekly shopping lists to make sure you’re prepared for the week ahead
  • Every recipe you will need (more than SEVENTY) for three full weeks
  • Must-know advice for beginning and maintaining a low-carb lifestyle
  • Low-carb food lists with easy-to-source foods
  • FAQs answered (counting carbs, gluten, alcohol, fasting and more)

 Our goal is to arm you with tools, so you can see results (hello mental clarityimproved sleep and weight loss) in an enjoyable way!