Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

low carb | high protein

This easy, five-minute breakfast is high in protein, low in carbs and so simple to customize! 

gather ingredients


Full-fat cottage cheese, a grain-free  granola, and fresh berries are the basics, but you can also swap in chopped nuts, dried coconut or other healthy toppings!

prepare the fruit


Rinse and pat dry the fruit with paper towels. Slice, if needed. Berries are the best low-glycemic option but stone fruits like plums and peaches are a delicious choice too!

assemble the bowls


Divide the cottage cheese between two serving bowls. Top with granola/nuts, then add the fruit.

add more toppings


Drizzle with honey (or sweetener of choice), then sprinkle the bowls with chia seeds or hemp hearts.



Serve the cottage cheese breakfast bowls immediately! It's the perfect, five-minute breakfast for busy mornings.