Curry Turkey Meatballs

low carb | gluten free

Tender, flavorful, and easy to make!

gather ingredients


Curry turkey meatballs are a healthy, flavor-packed meal! Main ingredients include ground turkey, coconut milk, aromatics, red curry paste and seasonings..

make meatballs


Mix all of the ground turkey meatball ingredients in a large bowl. Use a cookie dough scoop to scoop out 1-tablespoon sized meatballs.

cook meatballs


Cook the meatballs for 2-3 minutes per side in a large skillet. When done, remove the meatballs and use the same skillet to make the curry sauce.

add meatballs to curry


Once the curry sauce is simmering, add the meatballs back in. Garnish with lots of fresh basil and/or sliced green onions.